1. Import

To get started, simply paste your list of references into the textarea above. Our server will processes one reference per line so please make sure each reference starts on a new line and remove any superfluous line breaks. Empty lines are fine, though, the server will just skip them.

When you're ready, hit the parse button!

2. Edit

We will split your references into segments (author, title etc.) based on machine learning heuristics. These segments will be displayed in the token editor above. Please review each segment to make sure the results are correct; in case the server got something wrong just select individual tokens like you would select text in your favourite text editor and click on the 'Assign label' button to assign the correct label to your selection.

Pro tip: use Shift and Ctrl/Command to make multiple selections or double-click to select an entire segment at once.

When using the token editor, note that the server requires every token to be assigned a label and the individual segments to be contiguous. For the best results combine tokens which semantically belong together. Take a look at our own training data for examples of properly labelled references.

3. Save

That's it! When you've reviewed the segments just click on the import button to save your references.

Please note, that all imported references are subject to review by members of our team before they are added to the database; therefore, it may take up to a few days before your additions become available to the public.

Thanks for contributing!